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Indian Village Woman Carrying Water Pot - Wall Hanging

This girl Adhiambo, daughter of Angalo. Born to jaduong Onyango near the shores of lake Victoria where her mother Nyar Kamagambo was drying omena to be sold at the Sophia market.
She, Adhiambo was the pride of Angalo village, a true Luo beauty. Her eyes were sharper than a hawk's, always alert and ready. Her nose was as elegant as that tall building in the great Nairobi city called Hilton, at least she had heard of that one from Okoth,her neighbour's shamba boy; but she dared not talk about lest her father cane her like he caned her big sister Atieno who was found by their father sitting under the mango tree with Okoth.

She longed to see the big city which never slept although in a way she hated the fact that there was no brotherhood there; at least that's what Okoth had told her, that his uncle Ominarianda lived in a town called Korogocho (where only the rich lived); and he didn't know any of his neighbors apart from one mama mboga who supplied him with the energy giving  vitamin that was most popular among the rich. "He was the jatelo,  rich man of the city", said Okoth with  pride. "One day, i will take you to see the city," Okoth told Adhiambo. That was the day she begun falling in love with the shamba boy.

He wasn't that handsome like Ochuodho who sold omboto, mitumba shoes  down at the market.
Every time she thought of him, she felt hot and cold at the same time, eiih yawa! woi ni otieka, this boy is finishing me. One day when she went to fetch water at the lake, she had seen him washing his clothes while bended over. Veins were protruding from his hands like angry rills of water down a hill. His eyes were stern and obsidian, completely oblivious of his surrounding.

Ochuodho then raised his head and it was then that he saw Adhiambo staring at him. He was surprised at first but a sly smile begun breaking on his face when he saw how her heart was
beating fast. " Nan'go Adhiambo?" Punglu cried the pot as the ancient clay which she had borrowed from her brother's wife as it hit the sharp cobalt stones by the river side.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some women can be cruel

When a man loves, a woman takes advantage of it. Somehow his tongue becomes smoother, his demeanour becomes cuter and his ATM becomes easier looser. It doesn’t really matter if the fellow is as hot as a mug of coffee at 7:00 AM on a Monday morning- if she don’t love you, well.....
Some women can be cruel. For all I know it could be part of their DNA, I mean ask Adam- Eve is the reason he was kicked out of Eden and had to dig the hard earth for a living under the scorching fiery sun. Flash forward some thousand years later, picture a man working his a$$ off to wine, dine, adorn a woman with jewellery e.t.c all to impress but what does he get in return? Might as well uliza kiatu, ask his shoe. Thank God for women like Deborah and Hadassa who change that bad first impression.

A certain man called a local radio station and said, “My wife is an angel sent from above-she was dropped from heaven and sent to me.” Cute huh? I’m sure y’all ladies went aaaaaw and would give just about anything to hear your guy/hubby say that. So he went on to say and I quote or paraphrase rather, “her name is LUCIFER, she was rejected in heaven how” he went on to say how unfortunate he was to be the one punished with her. “She is the devil I tell you!”
How do I ( a self proclaimed feminist) contend with that? So what are his reasons for such an utterance, you may ask. Turns out the nigga has been forfeiting his ‘duties’ but it’s not his fault, as much he claimed. He rises earlier even before the sun and toils hours on end so that can be able to provide for the family so by night time the guy is simply exhausted and just wants to sleep, so in return the wifey gets her ‘rights’ somewhere else where the other man is not  as exhausted and just wants to sleep, that comes well eer afterwards.
Is this situation redeemable?
My defense is, some women are not cruel-raise your hand if you agree...eeeer okay thank you for those 2/2,000,000 hands. Let’s try this again, neither relationships nor love is complicated. The trick is, you gotta understand what love is, it ain’t a fluttery feeling that’s for sure, it’s commitment and discipline, if you take time and learn about God then you will truly understand love cuz afterall, God IS love. if you get this, then you will be started on a successful journey of being in love and enjoying it

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Yikes, aren't i just surprised because this is the first award I've ever received. A million thanks to Aggie for nominating me.
 now why don't we get this party on the road... XD

The rules
1.      Post 11 facts about yourself.

2.      Answer 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.

3.      Nominate 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

4.      Link your nominees in this post.

5.      Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6.      Let your nominees know that you tagged them.

7.      Remember, no tag backs!

Facts about Me: 
  1. i am not fluent in any native language , i can barely  speak in my mother tongue, - born and raised in the city
  2. my mum, she's the love of my life. i owe her everything for she's my everything.
  3. Don't let my tough attitude fool you, i am very emotional and gooey on the inside :P
  4. Believes love and forgiveness are the keys to a satisfactory life
  5. i hate shopping, i know- ladies please don't judge me :)
  6. my honeymoon will be in Malawi.
  7. one item in my bucket list is to swim in the beaches of Jamaica. oh yes! sweet sweet Jamaica.
  8. some time back i used to be a party junky.
  9. i love Jesus Christ with all my heart.
  10. Back in high school, i used to rap in front of my friends- was the best at it- still don't know why i quit rapping yet Lacrae is my role model in that field.
  11. lastly, I'm a sucker for true love...
Aggie's Questions

1.      How long have you been blogging?
it's been about a year and a half

2.      What challenges are you experiencing in blogging?
it's hard to get people to read your stuff especially if they are only interested in celebrities and gossip.

3.      Twitter or Facebook?
uuuum, i love twitter and you can find me @ninarbahati but i might just pick facebook  because it has the highest number of a potential audiences

4.      Who/ what inspires you?
King David of the bible, he had perfected the art of pissing  God off but he was smart enough to discover grace even before it was manifested to humankind.

5.      Nicki minaj/ Iggy azalea?

Nicki- any day any time.
6.      Favorite eye shadow color?
luron's honey brown

7.      Who takes your picture?
haha anyone in the vicinity who won't dare run away with my phone or camera.
8.      Most embarrassing moment?
hahaha dear me, i'd rather not say cuz well, I'd embarrass myself.

9.      What’s your best achievement?
working for one of the biggest Media Houses in the Country

10.  Who is your favorite blogger?

i looove Tony Mochama a.k.a Smitta of Standard Media Group - he is my inspiration to write and dare i forget Phillip Mwaniki of that guy just cracks me up big time
11.  Do you have any habits you would like to stop? Which?
ooh yes, i am guilty of several bad habits the worst being having an undying crush on my ex(s) whose head will probably 'grow really big' after reading this. hi firecracker...? 

my   questions to you
  1.  Do you hate African literature, if yes explain, if no do the same
  2. Boxers or Briefs (if you're a guy), if you are a lady what would you prefer on your guy?
  3. Does blogging bore you? if No why?
  4. Most inspiring writer you know?
  5. who is your role model?
  6. given a chance in another life, what would you have become?
  7. Favorite person in the world?
  8. what's the best thing that has ever happened to you?
  9. Worst meal ever?
  10. What is your opinion about Philosophy?
  11. Given the opportunity, would you cane a politician in public?

Now, it's YOUR turn!

I nominate…Timona, Ann, Fazul, Fred, Nicole , Becky, Fizzah Kimathi and i promise to get the other 3 soon

Forgive me darling
This was harder than she thought. All colors had faded away till all was left was an ugly shade of grey. But it had been worth it after all. Time to build me a Lego house, that way I can tear it down if anything goes wrong, she said as she turned to look at the woman in the mirror. Big brown puppy dog eyes stared back at her as a wave of pale chestnut hair cascaded and rested smoothly over her right cheek. Instinctively, like a pawn shop owner, she peered closely as if examining a piece of jewellery then she placed a kiss on the woman’s lips, leaving a bright smudge of brilliant lavender lipstick on the mirror.
Even from her dressing room, she could hear the loud cheers emanating from the hall.
“Time to go Doris”, said her over excited manager as she peered through the silver rimmed door.
“How about we say a prayer first?” Doris said as she held her hand out to Annette her manager. “Dear God, I am not your favourite example of a Christian but I ask for your blessing as I perform tonight, AMEN!”
The crowd roared to life as Doris stepped onto the stage. The paparazzi had their moment of glitz as they took one photo after another, immensely enjoying the sight of the golden brown beauty before them. Doris loved such moments, she lived for them.  Like a panther on a parade, she struck a Naomi Campbell pose, forcing her Louis Vuitton mauve dress slide over her glorious long legs revealing a slit that went all the way to her thigh.
“Niwe wako milele......” her voice boomed over the microphone as she began singing. A loud hush fell over the crowd as it silently absorbed the sweet melody of her strong voice.
Then she froze amid the chorus. Her mouth wanted to sing but for some reason her throat had betrayed her and so had her mind. Flashes of the events of the previous night flooded her thoughts mincing the words of her hit song ‘niwe wako’. Violent scenes threatened to rob her of her sanity as they kept playing and replaying over and over again in her mind. Suddenly, she smelt blood. With her eyes, she traced the horrid smell to her hands which were slithered in blood, or so she thought.She flung and jerked her hand off roughly, violently even, as if she had been stung by a bee. BANG! Sounded the microphone as it hit the floor.
The crowd was now confused. Maybe it’s part of the show. Some of the people thought. Doris took two steps backwards tripping on her Gucci stilettos; falling square flat on her behind. That was definitely not part of the show. Annette was too awestruck to move or react. A large hiss broke out penetrating through the eerie silence like a bullet splitting a raindrop in the matrix.That was her cue, she gangly scrambled to her feet and dashed to the door wanting to escape from the melodrama which was coincidentally she was starring in. The door swung open before her shaky hand could reach the rusty doorknob.
“Miss Doris, you are hereby arrested for the murder of Paul Nkwabe your husband. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”
Forgive me darling, she whispered to herself.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Well, I have been burning the midnight oil (pun intended), trying to come up with a sweet love story but to no avail. You see, it’s been a long time since I was in love so getting my ones and twos together to come up with a classic Romeo and Juliet is proving to be altogether difficult.  So here’s the thing, I will save you the cliché boy meets girl,  boy takes girl’s  pants off, girl gets pregnant and they live happy ever after kinda story,,,,but instead I will introduce, wait for it…(drumbeats) a MASTER TWIST kinda story, here\
's an excerpt…..enjoy……!!

 “Honey close your eyes, I got something special for you, it’s not much but it’s a symbol of my love for you and after all, it’s our two year anniversary today”, he said.
Anna was reluctant but she obeyed anyway. Seconds later she felt the cold metal against her skin compelling her to open her hazel green eyes. Behold, blue eight carat diamonds welcomed her sight, customized to fit and rest perfectly on her long graceful neck. Tears glistened in her eyes soaking her thick dark eyelids while her breath was taken away.

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